First Aid - Rashes, Cuts & Burns

First Aid - Rashes, Cuts & Burns

    • I have a variety of itching skin rashes and don't always know the cause. In EVERY case, the Healing Cream, First-Aid Spray or both immediately calms the irritation and allows me a good night's sleep. Having tried synthetic products, both prescription and non-, without success, I find Healing Tree the ONLY effective, healthy approach to skin care.
      --Miranda B., NM
    • I have had type 1 diabetes for over 50 years and cuts and wounds are very slow to heal. With [Healing Tree] I healed much more rapidly than with any other medicine and without incurring cellulitis. It was fast, efficient, and prevented infection!
      • Tia P., OR
    • The very best product I have ever used to heal cold sores; it’s fantastic!!
      • John K., OR

    • I used (your formulas) all indoor climbing season on my chapped calloused hands. When cycling, I used it to treat my “nether” regions after my long rides (anything over 4 hours). Overall great stuff!!
      • Jay M., OR

    • I have prescribed (your products) for numerous patients with excellent success and satisfaction.
      • Dr. Michael P. Jaczko, OR

    • I was in trouble with an infection. I began applying [Healing Tree's First Aid] ointment [now Calming Anti Itch Cream] on my piercings three times per day. Very quickly, it alleviated my pain and my infections subsided. As if this wasn’t enough to sell me on this product, I began applying [the First Aid Cream] to my sebaceous rosacea around my nose area. Not only did the redness dissipate, the itching and dryness is alleviated whenever I apply it.
      • Ann S., PA

    • I had an allergic reaction to penicillin, which left me covered in hives. A friend loaned me some of the lotion – wow! Not only does it smell great and feel nice on my skin, it took the itching away.
      • Teresa D., CA

    • ...the Healing Tree Healing Cream is AMAZING. I actually use this as my once a day face lotion after washing. I have troublesome combination acne prone skin and have seen so much improvement in my facial skin. The Healing Cream has also been great for my hands and minor cuts/scars. I have tried countless lotions for my face and scars and none has come close to your healing cream. This is seriously the best moisturizer and barrier for my makeup!
      • Jessica J., online

    First Aid - Itch Relief

    • I had a bad case of poison ivy last year and I've tried many treatments, nothing comes close to the Healing Tree formula. It took the itch away, was cool, soothing, even aromatic, while it also worked to stop it from spreading and clear it up. I’m a fan for life!!!
      • Mark M., NC

    • Ditto on the poison oak/ivy! We love this. All natural, unique formulas that actually work better than all the synthetic chemicals. Healing Tree heals me!
      • Sasha L-M., NC

    • You can't beat this stuff for healing poison oak. It’s fabulous!!!!!!!!!
      • Stephanie E., OR

    • Oh my goodness... not only Poison Ivy, but insect bites, skin rashes, and the Muscle Rub… can’t beat it for aches and pains.
      • Debbie M., CA

    • Healing Tree was recommended to me for my son who is a wrestler and is constantly fighting skin abrasions and ring worm. It not only worked well but it worked quickly. We were amazed to see the beginning stages of ring worm halted so quickly. And we are looking for new ways to continue to use Healing Tree as opposed to other over the counter products that fill my cabinet.
      • Suzanne S., OR