What We Use: Pure Ingredients, Powerful Healing

Aloe Vera

Calming moisture that heals

Aloe Vera is one of nature’s best antiseptic wound and burn healers.

  • Soothing and Moisturizing
  • Aids in rapid healing for skin irritations



    Powerfully soothing anti-inflammatory

    • Arnica has been used for centuries, both orally and topically, as an extremely effective anti-inflammatory



    Avocado Oil

    Luxuriously rich moisturizer

    • Avocado Oil is a luxuriously rich, non-comedogenic moisturizer.




    Effective natural anti-inflammatory

    • Calendula is one of nature’s most effective anti-inflammatories and helps resolve swelling and bruising
    • Calendula is extremely gentle for the skin and has anti-aging properties




    Effective topical poultice

    Comfrey has been well documented as a topical poultice – a counterirritant that provides heat and moisture to affected skin.

    • Reduces inflammation
    • Aids in lymphatic drainage
    • Healing Tree uses only low-alkaloid, rhizome derived



    Eucalyptus Oil

    Natural astringent & skin conditioner

    • Eucalyptus Oil acts as a skin conditioner and invigorator, as well as a natural astringent




    Aids in skin regrowth and closure

    • Goldenseal is a natural epithelial stimulant that aids in skin regrowth and closure



    Indian Mulberry Bark

    A natural anti-inflammatory

    • Indian Mulberry Bark is a natural anti-inflammatory



    Jojoba Oil

    Nature's most effective moisturizing penetrant

    • High in Tocopherol (naturally occurring Vitamin ‘E’)
    • Non-greasy, rapidly absorbed into skin
    • Safe and effective carrier for other medicinal agents



    Peppermint Oil

    Naturally Cooling Menthol

    • Peppermint oil ensures a potent cooling sensation for deep pain relief.
    • Has natural anti-inflammatory properties
    • Shows anti-allergenic potential






      Non-cytotoxic counterirritant

      • Induces localized blood flow to relieve the inflammation in underlying or adjacent tissue
      • Astringent (draws broken tissue together)



      Olive Oil

      High vitamin natural moisturizer

      • Olive Oil is a natural moisturizer, high in vitamins



      Red Thyme Oil

      Potent natural anti-fungal & anti-bacterial

      • Red Thyme Oil is a potent natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial essential oil



      St. John’s Wort

      Natural anti-inflammatory

      • St. John’s Wort is plant-derived and naturally anti-inflammatory



      Tea Tree Oil

      Natural anti-microbial

      Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca alterfolia) is a natural anti-microbial oil comprised of over 40 different volatile oil fractions

      • 100% Pharmaceutical Grade regulated by the Australian Government; less than 4% cineol, greater than 35% terpinol
      • Anti-fungal
      • Anti-bacterial


      White Thyme Oil

      Natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

      • White Thyme Oil is a potent natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial essential oil