Pure Golden Jojoba Oil

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    This little bottle contains pure, golden cold pressed potential: the potential for soft skin, shiny hair and a healthy scalp, for starters.

    But this one-bottle wonder from Healing Tree does far more than that. Derived from a nut-like seed grown under the hot desert sun, Healing Tree's Jojoba Oil also makes an ideal foot moisturizer, ideal cuticle treatment, and an after-sun moisturizer. It removes makeup without clogging pores as well as helps heal razor burn. It soothes chapped lips. It’s a carrier oil. It’s the foundation of many DIY beauty recipes, from face masks to hand creams to scrubs. Excellent for sensitive skin types and people of all ages.

    With so many uses in one little bottle, it's a botanical wonder + minimalist’s dream.  A staple of sustainable personal care routines everywhere. Its potential is endless and its uses varied, it’s truly a fabulous oil.  

    INGREDIENTS:  100% Pure Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

    Available in an amber 2oz glass bottle with a glass dropper insert.