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Dr. Eric Witherspoon had a clear mission when he launched the Healing Tree line over a decade ago: to create the most powerful healing remedies made from the finest natural and pharmaceutical ingredients. When the Witherspoon sisters joined the team in 2016, they aimed to take Healing Tree into its next chapter. As mothers, conscientious skin care consumers, and stewards of the natural environment, they proudly cultivated the natural, healing and family-oriented ethos of Healing Tree.


In the Spring of 2020 when we, like the rest of the world, were severely impacted by the global pandemic and decided to close our doors to manufacturing, we could not have imagined the outpouring of support from our loyal customers. We also could not fathom a world without Healing Tree's products. Patience and creativity inspired Elliot Witherspoon (co-owner and daughter of Dr. Witherspoon) and Julia Magnuson (operations manager), to reconsider, restructure, and relaunch.


We are thrilled to continue on in the tradition of providing effective, condition-specific, and natural remedies and are excited to employ the following changes:

  • More lab testing and certifications for our products
  • A 100% women-owned small business
  • Temporarily discontinued products as we update our product line
  • 20% discount on orders $250 and above
  • FREE shipping on all online orders $35 or above

We are so excited to see our beloved small business evolve and grow with the needs of the world.


Stay positive, test negative, wash your hands, feel good, and take care of one another!


In health,


Elliot & Julia